Customer policy

Basic information
-Convenient road side shop
-There is room for motorcycles
-There is room for cars
-More affiliates
-Product website
-Product price information is accurate and is priced to sell directly to NTD
-With warranty and customer care
-Have customer support hotline
-Shops open all days of the week
-The number of staff on 10 people
-At least 1 year of experience working in the field
Warranty policy
-The products are genuine warranty
-Having a dual guarantee: shop and party
-There is special with the familiar client
-Warranty 1 1 change within 1 month
-Warranty 1 1 change within 3 months
-Home warranty
-Return the item after 24 h
The policy order, purchase
-Receiving orders via the website
-Order by phone
-Receive orders via email
-Receive orders via Fax
-Buy direct at the store
Method of payment
-Payment in cash
-Wire transfer
-Payment by ATM card
-Payment by credit card
-Send money by post
-Payment through the Secure payment gateway Kim
-Transfer money through Western Union
Shipping policy
-Free shipping nationwide
-Free shipping within the
-Shipping by post
-Shipping within 24 h
-Shipping your order within 48 hours
Policy on other products
-Promotions, gifts
-Free installation support
-Support for the installation of free software
-Business goods includes products used and new
-All items are sold as new rows through the use of
-The store is constantly updated with new products
-Regularly updated reviews on website
-Regularly updated information about products on the website: hoanganhiec.com.vn
-Express packaging, packed into gift